What is mediation?

What types of cases is Katherine Henry trained to mediate?

How does it work? HenryLawPC

What types of disputes can be mediated?
Mediation is an appropriate dispute resolution option for almost any type of dispute, such as:

When can mediation be used?  HenryLawPC

What are the benefits of mediation?

How does mediation affect my legal rights?

Why pick Katherine Henry as a mediator?

Who would best benefit from our Mediation services?  Someone who:

How do I begin the mediation process?

What information do you need from me or my attorney?

People unfamiliar with mediation can benefit from reading this brochure published by Michigan's State Court Administrative Office - Resolving your dispute without going to trial.

Prior to mediation, parties would also benefit from reading the article Preparing for Your Mediation.

Likewise, a useful tool for attorneys representing parties in mediation is the article Making the Most of Mediation.