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In general, I support smaller government, less regulation over our personal and professional lives, lower taxes, efficient government use of our resources, and adherence to the highest standards in governmental transparency and facilitation of citizen participation.

While neither major political party adheres in practice to their platform stances, I agree with the following as stated on the 2015 Michigan GOP website:

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All life is sacred, and a gift from God.  From conception to natural passing, young and old, all life must be protected.  If a particular pregnancy creates an imminent threat to the life of the mother, I believe that is an excruciating decision that must be made between the mother and the doctor.

I believe the Freedom of Information Act should be expanded to include the Michigan Legislature and Governor's office. I believe all levels of government should be required to make most government information and forms freely accessible online, so many FOIA requests would not even have to be made.

I believe in not only the 2nd Amendment, but also our Michigan Constitution Art.1 Sec.6, which simply states "Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state."  This means that barring some other compelling public safety interest to the contrary, every person has a right to carry a firearm to protect himself anywhere he goes.  I do not agree with the gun-free zones that I have encountered at many government institutions.  As a member of Michigan Open Carry, I turn to MOC President Tom Lambert for discussion about gun rights and how to best ensure them.  In my 2016 candidacy, I received an A rating from both the NRA and the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

We should only be taxed to provide only those funds necessary for the performance of essential government functions, and no more.  And if ALL government offices and programs were run more efficiently, less funds would be needed to fulfill their functions.

The parents and teachers actually involved with a group of children are best suited to address the learning needs of those children.  While the State government should ensure basics of a public education are maintained for all children, it should not be in the business of creating educational policy or micromanaging every aspect of a child's school curriculum.  Moreover, our State Constitution states "Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged" in Art.VIII Sec.1, and "The legislature shall maintain and support a system of free public elementary and secondary schools as defined by law" in Art.VIII, Sec.2.  So, pursuant to our Constitution, the state government must provide public school education availability for every student.  However, it is up to each parent to direct the education of his or her child.  I, myself, have 4 children - 2 children in public school, one is currently homeschooled and the youngest will also be homeschooled.  If a parent decides a private school, or homeschooling, etc. is what is best for his or her child, then the government cannot get in the way of that decision.

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