Katherine Henry serves as an Attorney, Mediator, Restorative Practitioner, Christian Constitutional Policy Advocate, and Volunteer.  This page provides a brief overview of the work in each area, while the tabs to the left provide more detail for each.

All work done through Katherine Henry, P.C. is done on a flat fee basis, unless agreed to otherwise in writing.  Payment methods accepted are: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cash, Certified Check, Money Order.  Office hours are by appointment, and calls and emails are answered as timely as possible.

For years, Katherine handled family law, bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate, landlord/tenant, contracts, business affairs, civil litigation, driver's license restoration, and collections and garnishments.  However, as her passion grew for defending the Constitution, protecting the rights of children, and utilizing tools of dispute resolution in various situations, she focused the law firm into a more specialized, tailored practice.  Today, Katherine works as a Public Defender representing clients facing misdemeanor criminal charges in Ionia County.  She also serves as Senior Legal Counsel at the Great Lakes Justice Center, focusing on legislative advocacy and trial work involving medical freedom issues, as well as Amicus briefing on Constitutional rights issues in appeals cases in Michigan and US Federal Courts.

Katherine has a passion for empowering others to resolve their own conflicts, which reduces or eliminates the need for government intervention.  Katherine provides mediation services through Katherine Henry, P.C. for a low, flat fee on virtually any kind of dispute.  Katherine also serves as a Special Education Mediator and IEP Facilitator through the Michigan Office of Special Education Mediation, an Agriculture and Rural Development Mediator through the Michigan Agriculture Mediation Program (through the Farm Service Agency), and a Child Protection Mediator through the Michigan Child Protection Mediation Program.

Restorative Justice (mainly in the criminal or juvenile delinquency settings) and Restorative Practices (mainly in the school or community settings) are very similar to mediation.  These programs allow people to truly resolve their conflicts.  However, these Restorative programs offer the added benefits of providing victims a voice where they typically don't have one, and simultaneously enable an offender to better understand the harm they have caused and to collaborate with the victim(s) to repair the harm in meaningful ways.  Katherine provides Restorative Practices services through Katherine Henry, P.C. for low, flat fees on many kinds of school and community disputes.  Katherine also serves as a Restorative Practitioner in a Kent County Elementary School, providing students with the tools to resolve their own conflicts and repair the harm in a meaningful way, thereby reducing suspensions.

Katherine is passionate about defending our God-given rights and those provided by our US and Michigan Constitutions.  Katherine is passionate about defending our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms, but trusts and supports the work done by Michigan Open Carry on this subject.  With every right comes a responsibility, though, so she also encourages people exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights to be educated on safe gun practices, and encourages people to attend training on the subject through places like Tommy Guns Training.

Katherine also supports our right to medical freedom, and thus strongly encourages people to become educated on the benefits of Direct Primary Care, like that offered by Christian Healthcare Centers, as well as an individual's right to have informed consent on their medical treatment.  This latter issue is well researched, advocated for, and presented on by organizations such as Michigan Vaccine Choice.

We are all children of God, and God commands us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It is with the spirit of love and Brotherhood that we must reach out to others and try to ease each other's suffering.  Although there are many local organizations worthy of your gifts of time and money, Katherine has a strong passion for assisting victims of domestic violence, as well as encouraging expectant mothers so that they may choose life for their unborn child.  It is with this in mind that Katherine supports, and encourages you to as well, organizations like YWCA Domestic Abuse Shelter, Safe Haven Shelter, Hope Unexpected, Alpha Family Center of Lowell, and Pregnancy Resource Center.

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