Greetings from Katherine Henry, P.C.!  We are here to help with virtually any dispute you may have.  We offer low cost mediation services and restorative practices facilitation.  Much of Katherine's work as an Attorney is now done through the Great Lakes Justice Center, a division of Salt and Light Global.

Katherine has a passion for empowering others to resolve their own conflicts, which reduces or eliminates the need for government intervention.  Therefore, we provide mediation services for a low, flat fee on virtually any kind of dispute.

Restorative Justice (mainly in the criminal or juvenile delinquency settings) and Restorative Practices (mainly in the school or community settings) are very similar to mediation.  These programs allow people to truly resolve their conflicts.  However, these Restorative programs offer the added benefits of providing victims a voice where they typically don't have one, and simultaneously enable an offender to better understand the harm they have caused and to collaborate with the victim(s) to repair the harm in meaningful ways.  Katherine provides Restorative Practices services through Katherine Henry, P.C. for low, flat fees on many kinds of school and community disputes.  Katherine also serves as a Restorative Practices Facilitator in a Kent County Elementary School, providing students with the tools to resolve their own conflicts and repair the harm in a meaningful way, thereby reducing suspensions.

All work done through Katherine Henry, P.C. is done on a flat fee basis, unless agreed to otherwise in writing.  Payment methods accepted are: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cash, Certified Check, Money Order.  Office hours are by appointment, and calls and emails are answered as timely as possible.